We at Vile-Tech Computer Solutions are committed to Fast and Reliable Service. We pride ourselves with efficient and innovative solutions and quality service at affordable prices.

Vile-Tech Computer Solutions can troubleshoot your computer and network problems. Our expertise in this area is outstanding. We pride ourselves in solving problems such as:

  • 01. Network Outages
  • 02. Server Implementation
  • 03. Network Efficiency
  • 04. Desktop Virus/Spyware Infections
  • 05. Network Security
  • 06. Disaster Recovery
  • 07. Wireless Networks
  • 08. Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • 09. Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Our Commitment......

Whether its hardware or software, we provide experienced support for all your computer needs. Our on-site support is available via maintenance contracts or on a per need basis. We support all of your companies IT needs including: Servers, Workstations, Telephony, and Printers.

Importance, Knowledge, Confindence............

Vile-Tech Computer Solutions is aware of the importance of knowing and understanding your System. We not only can design, install and support your Network but totally commit to familiarizing you with every aspect of your System. No Solution is worthwhile if you do not understand it or fear the confusion of it. We become part of your work team, not just a solution to your problem. Our cost is very competitive. We understand the importance of cutting costs and saving in our present explosive economy. We do our utmost to assure this to our customers.