By Jerome

Dec 21, 2011

Love this place. Great service

By Melissa S

Nov 18, 2011

I Love Viletech! After another place failed to clean and repair my office PCs, I turned to Brian at Viletech. Not only did he completely remove all viruses and malware from my machines, he set us up with up to date virus scans and a more secure wireless LAN to help keep our PCs clean... Now I have them maintain our PCs at least twice a year, and they will continue to receive my business. If you want personable employees with an old fashion work ethic, go to Viletech.

By Melanie

Sept 21, 2011

This place was amazing. My computer suffered a serious crash and burn, and my hard drive needed to be re-imaged, but i hadnt backed up many of my files in quite some time, so i was nervous about losing important data files, but also concerned about losing my ipod playlists (arguably not as important as data files but equally as valuable, not to mention sentimental). I was assured that even though i didnt back up any of my playlists etc, that they could extract them from my old hard drive if need be, and in the end that is what they had to do and it worked!. No other computer repair place was ever able to do that for me, and or if they could they simply said Apple purposely sets it up so that you cant transfer playlists from your ipod to your computer. Not so! Not only did Viletech re-image my computer and make it work faster than before, but they were able to save my files, and ipod playlists and they did all of this so quickly. I was without my computer for one day only (and it would have been even quicker if i didnt have 120 GB of info to transfer. This place is great, highly recommend.

By Jason

Feb 9, 2011

Service was excellent, got same day service and the price was unbeatable! Will never take my computer anywhere else to be serviced. Thank you for a job well done! Highly recommend!

By Joseph

Jan 10, 2011

I used viletech before and has always had great service. it wasnt until recently that i realized how great these guys really are. I spilled water on my laptop and brought it to viletech for them to look at it. I use my laptop for business so I couldnt be without it. They diagnosed the problem and had the part overnighted. I was back up and running with 24 hours!!!! They even worked after hours to help me in my desperate time of need. A+++++

By cristi2179

Jan 26, 2010

I called viletech Computer Solutions when my computer became infected with virus's and spyware. I dont know much about computers but i did know that i had a big problem on my hands. I called Viletech Computer Solutions because they are local and i'm glad i did. Not only did they solve my problems but they also walked me through step by step on how to prevent this from happening again. A few times i even called the office and they were nice enough to answer my questions quickly and professionaly. I ask for everyone to try them, you wont believe how great these guys are.‎

By Jack

Jan 26, 2010

I called VileTech Computer Solutions and within 2 hours they were at my door and fixed my problems. They had me back online within minutes and fixed my problem so it wouldn't happen again. I now recommend them to everyone! Great Service‎


By rmaury

May 31, 2007

My husband and I have used Vile tech twice in the past 5 years when we have contracted really nasty viruses on our computer. When we first met Brian 5 years ago his company was relatively new. He did such an excellent job and was so polite and attentive to our computer problem that we knew his company would do great. So we were happily not surprised when we called him again a couple weeks ago to fix a new virus that was messing with our system, and found that he has expanded his business and has many excellent reviews on this website. It's nice to see a good company do well. His prices are still very affordable.

We were so impressed with his professionalism and service again, plus, he amazingly remembered both of us, as well as details from the conversation that we had five years prior while he was fixing our machine then! Not only is Vile tech the best company for computer repair issues in the city, Brian Vile really cares about giving his customers the best possible service. His company is the best!

By mroc483

Apr 23, 2007

We recently used Viletech computer solutions services to replace our existing network in our office. Not only is the new network faster and more reliable, but the ROI was almost immediate. We used to have our previous tech come out 3 times a week but once we switched to Viletech computer solutions, they did a FREE assessment on our network and proposed we upgrade. Once the upgrade was complete our repair costs were reduced 90%. Better yet, they even offer remote support at a discounted price, which means faster service and lower costs. Viletech Computer Solutions is a real GEM. I highly recommend to anyone looking for great computer services.


by Ray R


Brian Vile himself came out to check on the problem at our place of business.

After us having ALL DAY on the phone with other "computer techs" and us ourselves fruitlessly flailing around trying to ascertain the situation, Brian came and in less than 90 minutes had our complex (to us) network and corresponding apparatus up and running flawlessly.

He was courtesous, professional and prompt. Amazing especially since it was after normal business hours! The prices were also very reasonable.

And while we hope to *never* have to endure the fiasco that caused us to need tech service, I'd recommend VileTech to ANYONE.



by eyesofintertwine


Awesome Service and Price: I called a few computer repair shops....they wanted to much money from me...Viletech got the job done fast for a great price


by crazy4bach


Viletech: Viletech Computer Solutions is NOT vile at all. Brian and his assistant Jason kept me from either throwing my laptop out the 2nd story window or stomping on it after it contracted a trojan. They were VERY patient w the only semi-computer savvy (me), explained everything simply, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need or anything at all, and gave me excellent advice. I never had a computer repaired before, but the prices seemed very good to me. They'd be great with the very computer savvy, too. I'm referring all the business I can to them. They're honest , and laugh at my bad jokes, what more could anyone wish for?

Highly recommended!!!

Posted by jeanna956 on 03/21/2005

When my hard drive crashed, I thought that I would never retrieve the information from it. Brian Vile worked diligently to help me recover the files and replaced the hard drive at a reasonable cost. I would definitely use him again if I had a computer problem

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Posted by pgb2123 on 02/03/2005

Each time I have asked Vile Tech to work on my computer systems the service and results have been of the highest quality. They go the extra step to make sure I am a satisfied customer. Great work all the time!

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Excellent Company!!!

Posted by mike2435 on 01/29/2005

I have used VileTech Computer Solutions numerous times and every experience has been ABSOLUTELY GREAT!! The service was always top notch and they never tried to sell me something i didnt need. At one point I was about to put over $200 into my computer and Brian @ VileTech informed me that the upgrades wouldnt help my situation. All I needed was some fine tuning which only cost $60. I recommend VileTech to all my friends and family. If you want great service, great support, and great customer service, then you want VILETECH COMPUTER SOLUTIONS!!!!!

  • Pros: Service, Support, Customer Service
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Service

Posted by cristi2179 on 01/25/2005

Great service, Great Prices, and Great support. I would recommend to anyone who has a computer problem. Fast response time and pleasure to deal with.

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Why I Chose VileTech

Posted by stumanserchuk on 05/11/2004

I recently started a small business, and I needed to have a complete network installed. Brian, the technician at VileTech, was knowledgeable, punctual, reasonable and, most of all, extremely professional. I'd recommend him for all your computer needs.

  • Pros: professional, reasonable, punctual
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

A Treasure!!

Posted by billroccia on 05/04/2004

My first contact with Vile Tech involved a software problem , which they quickly resolved. After several other very positive experiences I trusted them to rebuild an older computer for me. They did so at a very reasonable rate and it has operated flawlessly. The service that most impressed me was the absolutely superb job they did in designing my web-site. I have a business and have received nothing but superlative comments about this site. I will go nowhere but Vile Tech for any computer needs.

  • Pros: Reliable, Trustworthy, Professional
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Posted by billstahl on 05/01/2004

I have an older computer that I've been looking to upgrade. I've gone to many different retail stores and computer service stores, but found all of them to be very confusing. Then I came across VileTech Computers. Not only were they very friendly, unlike some of the other places I've been, but everything was explained to me in PLAIN ENGLISH. I will definitely continue to frequent VileTech for all my computer needs and I will recommend them to my friends and family.

  • Pros: Helpful, Extremely Patient, Friendly
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Posted by jhs44 on 04/28/2004

After fighting with three different providers, I finally found Brian at Vile Tech. My needs were atypical, but Brian met each one with professionalism, understanding, and patience. He was the only service provider that could explain things concisely enough for a non technical person such as me to understand. Best of all was both the quality AND quantity of my service. To say the least, Vile Tech provided me with much more than more expensive providers, at less cost, and better service. I can't say enough about my dealings with Vile Tech!

  • Pros: Knowledgeable, Easy to work with, Down to Earth Techs
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great Company

Posted by cortsquirt on 04/28/2004

The customer service and quality merchandise at VileTech was great!! I got a brand new computer for a great price and computer support whenever I need it. VileTech helped me when nobody else could! Thanks!!

  • Pros: Friendly, Affordable, reliable
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Posted by jenske on 04/28/2004

Vile Tech is a great place to get your computer work done. Extremely reasonable rates!! Highly recommed!!! Thanks!

  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended